Best Way to Use Headspace Meditation App/Site

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Best Way to Use Headspace Meditation App/Site

Post by Kennedy » Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:11 pm

I recently purchased a year's subscription to the Headspace meditation site (Groupon special), something I've seen recommended here on BH. I've created a log-in and browsed the site. Not sure the best way to use it. I've tried a few of the introductory meditations, but it seemed pretty ho-hum to me. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, because people generally seem to love it.

I then clicked around randomly on some of the "singles" and "packs," such as happiness, pain management, esteem. I guess I just want to jump in to meditation, but it seems like a lot of some guy talking giving instructions as to what to do and why rather than just leading me in doing it.

Am I doing this wrong? Any suggestions from someone who has used this site and has perfected an approach to getting maximum benefit from it?

A Nonny Muss
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Re: Best Way to Use Headspace Meditation App/Site

Post by A Nonny Muss » Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:51 pm

I've used this app for at least a few years. They recently redesigned it and I think the redesign makes it harder to find what you want.

The place you want to start is with the basic 10" meditations. (They are now listed under "Meditation Essentials->Getting Started-->Basics.) There is a series after that of 10, 15" meditations and one of 10, 20" meditations. That gives you the grounding in the practice--how to get centered, how to deal with distraction or unease, how to focus on the breath--and all the rest of the stuff is embroidery on that theme.

I don't think the app redesign did enough to make clear where these core pieces are; there is a lot of visual fluff around them. (They are high-quality pieces of fluff from the standpoint of practice, but it does make it hard to figure out where the real meat is.)

Lately I have been really liking the Sleepcasts for going to bed.

Enjoy it!

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Re: Best Way to Use Headspace Meditation App/Site

Post by buhlaxtus » Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:10 pm

^^ I agree - start with the 10 minute ones from whichever pack seems appealing, do one or two a day for a week or so. By then you'll understand what he's doing and have a better sense of how you feel about it.

... by the way, theorycrafting some kind of "maximum benefit" is not what it's about :)

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