Would you install a third ductless unit under these circumstances?

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Would you install a third ductless unit under these circumstances?

Post by Infomom2 » Tue Nov 13, 2018 1:21 pm

About 2 years ago, I had ductless heating/ac units installed. They installed one in my living room and one in my bedroom, and I was told they would heat/ac my dining room and kids' rooms as well based on their placement. They made it clear they would not reach one other room, which I was fine with. As soon as they were installed, I found they did not heat/ac the dining room, which I was very angry about as they specifically told me that room would be covered. (There is some minimum heating/ac effect). I complained to the company and they offered to either remove the units and refund my money or put up a 3rd unit that I would pay for that would cover the dining room, and would also cover the additional room that was not going to be covered. I decided to just leave things as they were at the time, as I did not want to give them any money, and didn't have that in the budget; yet I didn't want them to uninstall everything.

I am now considering having the 3rd unit installed. I turn up the living room unit higher as some little amount does get to the dining room but it is many degrees less than the living room, but the dining room is at the workable level but not comfortable level. It would also be great to cover the additional room. This room is kind of like a 2nd living room; I don't currently use it that way and let the kids have it to run around/play in, but having these 2 rooms heated would make more sense for entertainment purposes and comfortable family dinners especially during the winter; it is coming up more frequently that I am choosing not to host events as those rooms are not comfortable in the winter.

The issues are --in general I don't believe in spending money unnecessarily; I can pay for this, but don't know if I should. We could also really use new couches as well. The additional ductless unit would need to go on an interior wall and I have heard mixed things about this in terms of if its a good idea (not sure why). Not sure what it would do to my utility bill; I asked the company this and they couldnt give me an accurate idea.

Also, the kids rooms do get some heat/ac from my room, but I would not install additional units in their rooms, as I think this would be overkill (and too expensive)..they seem to be able to work with things as they are.

As far as the company, I am feeling less like they are a bad company. I got quotes from other companies before hiring this one, and they all suggested similar placements, so I think any company would have created this situation. (My house has an odd layout). I have a friend who has used them and has been happy with them and they have done all of my maintenance work well. I also had several companies come in to see what they would suggest after installation/when I was unhappy. They pretty much had no other alternatives other than leave as is or get a 3rd unit. One company seemed to have some kind of unit that would not need to go on the wall, but would not do that alone and it was not cost effective to have them re-do everything.

Just found the quote they have me 2 years ago to install a 3rd unit. They said they would honor it indefinitely, but I don't have that in writing, so who knows. Also, I would need to clarify that it would reach the room other than the dining room because looks like a small unit and maybe it was another company who said that. Here is the quote below-
Install new matching 9K BTU zone in dining room. Install new line set from new head unit to existing outdoor unit. Install new electrical to new head unit. New line set will need to run in back side of kitchen cabinet. Line set cover will be installed. Condensate pump will be installed to allow condensate to run overhead. All labor and materials will be included with this additional work.
Total Investment - $1,333

I saw the other thread on a space heater and am not against using that kind of option for the dining room and other room as we would not need it all of the time; however, I have expensive ceiling heat so not sure if that would make sense financially either.

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