electric pencil sharpener

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electric pencil sharpener

Post by Kersten »

My "BOSTON" pencil sharpener just gave out, after many faithful years.

I am an artist, who uses a pencil sharpener A LOT. So I need one that really does a good job and hopefully, will last.

There are many offered for sale on AMAZON. However, I trust the recommendation of a Boglehead, prior to a purchase.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for replying

PS This may seem like a trivial request, BUT good equipment is very important to me.
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Re: electric pencil sharpener

Post by MN-Investor »

I am NOT an artist and I haven't sharpened a pencil since 3rd grade. However, I was just curious as to what Google had to say about pencil sharpeners for artists and found these two sites:

The Best Pencil Sharpener for Artists in 2017-2018 (Durability and Quality)

The Best Pencil Sharpeners for Artists & Drawing
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Re: electric pencil sharpener

Post by badger42 »

We have https://www.amazon.com/School-Smart-Ele ... th=1&psc=1

It gets moderate use, including with colored pencils (which are a lot harder on the machine than regular ones). No complaints.
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Re: electric pencil sharpener

Post by applejack123 »

Wow, how funny. I was just thinking of buying one myself. Thanks for posting.
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Re: electric pencil sharpener

Post by madpunster »

OK, I love old school pencil sharpeners and a well sharpened pencil. Many of the newer ones just suck. The Boston small bread loaf sharpeners have this plastic gear that degrades and snaps in half over time. A replacement 3d printed gear can be found on Amazon for about 10 bucks. They are also on ebay. If you are ambitious, folks have posted their 3d design file and you can print your own.

I've rescued five of these from the Goodwill for a few bucks - 4 are model 18, 1 is model 19. The gear and innards are basically the same. They run like a champ afterwards - a little lube on the sharpening mechanism helps and sometimes crayon residue needs to be scraped off the sharpening blades.
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Re: electric pencil sharpener

Post by BIGal »

I purchased a Panasonic KP 380 several years ago and have been very pleased with how well it has performed. I am not sure the same model is still available, however, I recommend research expect to pay for a quality device.

https://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-KP380- ... top+kp+380
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