Is home alarm monitoring worth it?

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Re: Is home alarm monitoring worth it?

Post by DiscoBunny1979 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:58 pm

The issue is having a security system that is a deterrent to crime. No system is 100% perfect.

I have cameras in and around my house. Some are completely wired, others are wireless. But there is something both systems have in common. Both have to have a source of power. That means if you go wireless, you have to either choose between plugging into an outlet or having a rechargeable battery. It is not good to have a wireless system powered by a rechargeable battery because the batteries do not hold a charge very long and every so often needs to be recharged . . . which means the cameras won't work.

Next in my defense of my house is a Fence that surrounds the property that is at least 5 feet high and meets the code of the town I live in. On the fence, as another layer of security, are signs. Some specifically are No Trespassing signs that indicate the Code Section of Law to instruct what law would a Trespass break and therefore the consequences of such action and what that section disallows . . .for instance stating the Code number as a warning triggers the law of theft for taking plants or rocks and other laws for hopping the fence.

In case someone wants to hop the fence at night, I leave lights on in a variety of places . . .and have pathways light until sunrise. No one wants to be noticed when it's suppose to be dark.

Finally a dog. I had 2 . . but now down to 1. But still, any dog that is "protective" of his/her family/home is good to have. But it's my preference for a snow dog like a Husky or Akita. Here, again, another deterrent.

So I am talking about layers of deterrents that together work.

Neighborhood Watch Programs are important, but they are only as successful as the people that participate. In my neighborhood I probably can trust 30% of the people to actually care about other people's property . . .that means that they are actively participating in watching. Most people though are too busy, too old, not home, on vacation, living their own lives to be concerned about other people's property until something happens and then it's after the fact. The reality is that people have to have their own deterrents in place so that the bad people move on to an easier target.....which unfortunately means a neighbor down the block.

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Re: Is home alarm monitoring worth it?

Post by Starfish » Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:17 am

In my house have no alarm and obviously no monitoring.
If I feel I need such I thing I wouldn't live here.
I also don't have objects of value.

I own also a commercial property, it has an alarm with no monitoring. I am still thinking about upgrades (cameras, reinforced doors).

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Re: Is home alarm monitoring worth it?

Post by unclescrooge » Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:29 am

Someone just broke into a house on my street last night.

They were an elderly Asian couple. The break in occurred at 8 pm. They had an alarm but it took the police 15 mins to get there during which time they ransacked the house.

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Re: Is home alarm monitoring worth it?

Post by msk » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:34 am

What I learnt from a house I owned back in the 1980s in England. Burglars do not like entering through the front door if it is really solid. They enter through side/rear windows. I had one burglar enter through a garage window, stole some old LPs stored there and gave up as too much bother. He would have had to break down a door to enter the rest of the house. Another entered through a French Window (sliding glass doors) in the living room and was blocked from proceeding further into the house. He gave up after living marks of his muddy boots. In both cases the house had lockable doors partitioning the stairs-well so that a burglar would have to demolish a door to either get upstairs or into the other half of the house. So I designed all that partitioning into my current home, and added an 8-ft high compound wall. So far, 5 years, no burglars, but kids climbed over the wall and I caught them swimming in the pool. I managed to send photos to their parents, all neighbors. Next house I build I'll put a 10-ft high compound wall :D

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Re: Is home alarm monitoring worth it?

Post by jucor » Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:31 pm

In my case I live in a lower cost older neighborhood a block away from a newer, higher cost neighborhood. I have friends in the "nicer" neighborhood who have been burgled twice in the past decade, and they say there have been 6 on their block in that time period.

If you discount several cases of theft of items left inside of unlocked cars, there have been no burglaries at all in my block in the 11 years we live here. My theory is the burglars feel their return is likely to be a lot higher if they bother to go a block furher to the "nice" area! :)

I also save thousands in insurance and property taxes every year compare to my friends a block and a half away! :sharebeer

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Re: Is home alarm monitoring worth it?

Post by likegarden » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:25 pm

We do not have an electronic alarm monitoring system, also no dog. But for the last 31 years we have always someone at home, have 4 outside (low Watt) lights on at night, have the backyard fenced it with metal pickets as seen from the front with locked gate, have locked double doors, have double locks on windows, and never had a burglary. Neighbors also never had a burglary, we live in the suburbs.

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Re: Is home alarm monitoring worth it?

Post by flyingaway » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:28 pm

I have one. I do not think it is worth, but my home insurance company requires us to have it.

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