Pressure cooker with temperature control

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Pressure cooker with temperature control

Post by PrettyCoolWorkshop » Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:00 am

Howdy Bogleheads.

As a wedding gift, I recently received an Instant Pot. I like it a lot! There is one thing I miss on it though- because it is the base model "lux" version, it is missing a yogurt mode, which I would very much like to use. So, I'm going to return it and get another version.

While researching, I found that some models have temperature control. You can set a particular temperature and leave it. I would very much like to buy one that has temperature control so I can experiment with sous vide cooking (using the calibration method described at ... stant-pot/) a little bit and so that I can do batches of yogurt according to different techniques/ temperatures. It would also mean I don't need to buy a model with a "yogurt button", as it would be easy enough to do my own temperature profile for this.

Can anyone recommend/ have experience with a pressure cooker that has temperature control features? I have taken a look at the 6 quart Cosori model, and aside from reviews indicating some of them are lemons, it seems like a good one to go with if I don't hear any other opinions.
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