BH Review: Ventev wireless phone charger

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BH Review: Ventev wireless phone charger

Post by sunny_socal » Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:22 pm

I recently bought a wireless charger for my Samsung Note 8: the Ventev ... ev+charger

- Supposedly supports very high charging power, 15W
- Does indeed charge right through phone case! I'm using a UAG Monarch, a mil-spec drop-tested case
- Looks rather attractive (well... spartan at least), matches my phone perfectly
- Doesn't take much desk space since the phone is almost vertical

- Rather expensive, $59 MSRP (I got mine for much less, however)
- Wireless charging will never be as fast as wired, even if it is "fast" charging. This is relative to older wireless standards, not wired charging.

Overall I'm rather pleased! I didn't want to buy the Samsung chargers since they look like UFOs (or hockey pucks) and the Ventev is right at home on my desk. It truly looks like it was made for the Note 8 but I'm sure it would match any larger smartphone just as well.


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