Barcelona-Real Madrid Tickets

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Barcelona-Real Madrid Tickets

Post by Theseus » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:36 pm


I will be in Barcelona for a week. I just found out that there is a home football (soccer) game on May 6th. I would love to see Ronaldo and Messi live in action. I think that would be a once in a lifetime type event for me and would consider spending money since my travel just happens to be during that week. But when I look for the tickets online, they are starting at $800 a ticket in the worst section. Decent seats are starting around $1300.

I know there are some BHs in Europe. So the questions for them
1. Do the prices come down as the game approaches or on the day of the game? especially for this rivalry game?
2. If we decided to pay for this how do I go about procuring tickets to make sure we get legit tickets?

Thank you

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Re: Barcelona-Real Madrid Tickets

Post by LFKB » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:51 pm

I went to a Barcelona Real Madrid game in Barcelona last August. I bought them online through the Barcelona ticket office the day they went on sale and they were around 200 euros each for very good seats. If you waited too long, you are likely dealing with aftermarket tickets at much higher prices.

Only advice I have for you is to avoid the seats that are in back rows of the bottom section. They are heavily covered by the section above and it gets hot and you can't see the full stands and sky.

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Re: Barcelona-Real Madrid Tickets

Post by 3504PIR » Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:00 pm

There are a variety of legitimate ticket sites for events like these - similar to ticket master or stub hub but I would contact the Barca ticket office first. I got tickets via the concierge at my hotel because I didn't have time to do it myself - I don't recommend doing that, but you can call the hotel and ask them now how to go about getting tickets. Keep in mind that the stadium in Barcelona is huge and there are some sections and seats in it that I wouldn't bother with as the previous poster identified and I'll add at the top of the upper level. For the amount of money you're likely to spend, I'd try to sit between the goal posts.

Also, be careful what you wear. Don't wear a Real Madrid shirt unless you are sitting in the Real Madrid visitor section and don't wear a Barcelona shirt if you're sitting in the Real Madrid visitor section. You won't get killed or anything, but you will have a miserable time. In many ways soccer in Europe is not just a game. It is a blue collar sport for the most part and things can get nasty.

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Re: Barcelona-Real Madrid Tickets

Post by LazyNihilist » Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:38 am

The way the league is going this year, there is a good chance Barcelona clinch La Liga title before this game and if either team gets into Champions League final, they could rest most of the players.

But it is still worth to go watch the game for Messi. He's once in a 1000 year player.

Messi is the best there is, the best there ever has been and possibly the best there ever will be.
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