Changing gas suppliers - run around by current supplier

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Changing gas suppliers - run around by current supplier

Post by bulkdataman » Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:43 pm

I am helping a neighbor with changing natural gas suppliers. He called me earlier in the week
complaining about his gas bill for January. We quickly figured out he is NOT buying gas from
Consumer Energy in Michigan. His gas rate is nearly 2.5 of mine and I am buying gas from
Consumer Energy. He figures he signed up with this alternate company many years ago,
when he only had a land line phone number. Pretty sure the contract term is completed.

He is getting a bogus run around by the current gas supplier about it taking 2 months to
switch. The blame is laid on Consumer Energy paperwork. Calling Consumer Energy first line
customer contact it seems these individuals have no idea on how complete the supplier switch.
It seems strange that Consumer Energy would not be eager to sign on a new customer.

I think he needs to try to climb the ladder at Consumer Energy, maybe making a person visit
via appointment. Any other suggestions?

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