Garbage disposal recall

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Garbage disposal recall

Post by madbrain » Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:53 am

I bought two Waste King model 9980 garbage disposals at Costco in the summer 2010 to replace the 2 failed units in the home we bought. They carried a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer that included labor replacement in case of failure.

Fast forward to 2018 - one of the units failed. I couldn't locate my receipt.

I went to Costco on Sunday and they found it. Turns out it was purchased from, and it was actually in my e-ail from way back then. I hadn't found it in my gmail search because I searched for "Waste king", but it was listed as "Wasteking" (one word) on the email order. After finding it, the lady at the counter informed me that there was a recall on this particular model, and they should both be replaced, not just the one that failed.

Here is the CPSC notice. It affects 146,000 disposals of various brands. ... -disposals

And here is the web site that's been setup :!/find- ... ste%20king

I'm glad Costco told me of the recall now. I couldn't help but I wish I had told me earlier since the recall is from last year.

Actually, I just checked this out i more detail, and it turns out the recall applies only to units manufactured during certain years (2015 through 2017) and with specific serial number plates. Just to make sure, I took pictures of the bottom of both with my smartphone, and they are not on the affected serial list. I thought other Bogleheads might want to know about this recall.

It's possible that the reason I never received a recall notice from Costco is because my disposal was from 2010 . But Costco seemed to think my units were affected. More likely, it is because they were delivered to my previous address as we bought them for the new house that was being remodeled before moving in a few months later. Perhaps Costco sent a recall notice by postal mail to my old address, which would explain why I never got it (I only had my mail forwarded for the first year after moving). I did not get any email from Costco about the recall.

Now, on to getting manufacturer support for the failed unit and see if they honor their lifetime warranty. These were top of the line units and each got 7.5 years worth of use (one still going). I think in my previous home, I had to change the (single) garbage disposal at least twice over 12 years, if not more. I always went for the cheaper less powerful In-sink-erator from Home depot before. The 1HP models are much quieter than anything I ever got before.

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