How often USPS collect the boxes?

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How often USPS collect the boxes?

Post by BogleMelon » Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:45 pm

I am applying for naturalization after being 5 years permanent resident. After putting the required documents and application in a priority mail enveloped, I bought the label online through USPS and clipped it on the envelope, then went and dropped it last night (Thanksgiving night) in the nearest USPS box which is inside the USPS store itself (this section of the store is open 24/7).
It is Black Friday night now, and still have the same status when I track it: "Pre-Shipment". They were open today and should have picked it up and update the status. Or may be they don't function that way?
This is kind of little problem, but that package is so precious for me, and I am anxious that something wrong could have happen and I would have to do the whole thing and filing from the beginning "what a pain"!
My question is, How often USPS collect the boxes specially if the box is in the store? is that normal to not update the status of a priority mail the second day? Anyone with knowledge on how USPS do business?
P.S: I don't mind delays, but at least they should have picked it up I guess.
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Re: How often USPS collect the boxes?

Post by annielouise » Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:50 pm

My experience is that the update occurs overnight. And sometimes someone skips scanning the label, so the package is moving even though the status is unchanged.

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Re: How often USPS collect the boxes?

Post by ResearchMed » Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:05 pm

A suggestion for "next time" when there is something particularly important... hand it to a person (not dropped in a box) and sent it registered or certified, *some* way that you have a receipt, and request confirmation of delivery with a signed acceptance.

Chances are it will be fine, but... why have the worry and stress meantime?

Good luck!
And hope all the citizenship efforts go well :happy

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Re: How often USPS collect the boxes?

Post by brokendirtdart » Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:27 pm

If it is one of those automated kiosks with the big drop boxes next to them and the status hasn't already changed, expect to see it update tonight(they were closed yesterday) with Accepted and as it processes through the outbound sorting center. Sometimes the accepted part is skipped. Have noticed this while selling on Ebay from four different states over the last few years.

While I love those boxes, if it is an important item that I want tracking on immediately, I will ensure I hand it to a person at the post office and watch them scan it in.

As annieloiuse mentioned, it is probably moving despite what the tracking info says.

I have had extremely good luck with priority mail. I think only one or two misrouted causing a short delay, but nothing missing. Most amusing delay was mailing something I sold on Ebay from Anchorage, AK to Tulsa, OK. It ended up going to Barrow, AK for a day. :shock:

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