How many miles/years do you keep your car?

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Re: How many miles/years do you keep your car?

Post by FCM » Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:29 am

We have 2 cars - a 2003 Toyota Camry with 100K miles on it and a 2014 Subaru Outback with 10K miles on it. Both were bought new. Since we are retired and live in a major metro area, we don't put a lot of miles on our cars, usually about 2K miles per year per car. My wife is the primary Outback driver, and I'm the primary Camry driver. Even though I could afford it, I'm not interested in replacing the Camry with a new car. I just can't justify a $30K purchase, plus the sales tax and annual personal property tax on a new car just to drive it 2K miles per year on local errands. I maintain the Camry well, and it's very comfortable for me to drive, more so than the Outback. The Camry is just fine for my local errands. Besides, we have the Outback to drive for the occasional road trip we take.

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Re: How many miles/years do you keep your car?

Post by msk » Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:54 am

We have always had multiple cars (more than one per person in the family) but generally run 12k miles p.a. per car. Over a period of 40 years I have kept cars as long as 14 years from new until totaled in accidents or till electrical issues became annoying (2 Ford Expedition). But what I learnt is that it is not worth it doing a major upholstery revamp just because the car still runs smoothly (did a re-upholstery in leather of a Mercedes) and roof lining of a BMW (both at around 10 years due to our hot climate) just to see other cosmetics deteriorating soon thereafter. Ford Expedition seems to be robust electrically/electronically/computer-wise for 10 years. Lexus/Mercedes/BMW can go for several more years but in retrospect, just for cosmetic reasons, I would also get rid of them at 10 years. Hot climates seem to kill cosmetics in uber-luxury marques and computers in more regular marques.

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Re: How many miles/years do you keep your car?

Post by Countermoon » Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:00 pm

Edie wrote:
Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:32 pm
Countermoon wrote:
Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:10 pm
I drive a 2012 Prius and plan to keep it several more years. I love the MPG but the car is boring, loud, and kind of ugly. That said, I hope it will serve me well for a few more years. My next car will probably be a mid or top-trim family sedan (Accord or Sonata) approx. 3-4 years old.
I have a 2011 Prius (bought new), and I love it (including the look), but I have noticed more road noise now that I'm using the freeway instead of surface streets to get to work. About to cross 75k miles. I intend to drive it for -at least- 5 more years, and hoping to get an EV when replacing (requires cleaning out the garage... :? ).

I came from a Jeep Cherokee (no idea on mileage, it was used when I bought it, and a PITA the whole time) which cost me 20-25 in gas every other day, to my Prius which costs me 20-25 in gas every 3 weeks. Of course, my commute has changed too, which is part of it, I've only driven 100-150 miles a week for the past two years :) When the commute was the same, it was 20-25 in gas every week and a half, which was still a huge step up from every other day.
It really is remarkable how infrequently I fill up the gas tank. There have been many months in which I spent well under $50 for gas.

I also have to credit the Prius for (so far) bulletproof reliability.

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Re: How many miles/years do you keep your car?

Post by radiowave » Fri Oct 20, 2017 7:36 pm

Honda 2004 CR-V, bought new, 12K/yr current 171K, seriously looking at buying a new CR-V
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Re: How many miles/years do you keep your car?

Post by EvanRude » Sat Oct 21, 2017 4:36 pm

Just today we traded DW's 2005 Lexus ES330 with only 109k miles for a L-Certified 2014 ES300h with 33k miles. Twelve years and no problems whatsoever, but it was time for tires, alignment, front and rear brakes, new powering steering fluid, etc. , and a major 120k service in the next year or so. It was time for a change. DW is very happy.

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Re: How many miles/years do you keep your car?

Post by Dead Man Walking » Sat Oct 21, 2017 4:46 pm

I don't put a lot of miles on my cars. I usually sell them when they start to nickel and dime me. I sold a 17 year old Mazda recently because little problems began to happen too often. The buyer got a low mileage car that had been well maintained.


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Re: How many miles/years do you keep your car?

Post by Traveler » Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:28 pm

My current car is a 2014 that I bought new and has only 18,000 miles on it. I plan to drive it until it is at least ten years old and even then it will likely only have about 60K miles on it. I may drive it longer. My last car was 12 years old with over 200K miles on it when I traded it in (I had bought it new).

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Re: How many miles/years do you keep your car?

Post by Exterous » Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:00 pm

I always buy used, low mileage cars and try to get a model near the end of that generation. Most of the bugs are ironed out and there is already an established parts market. Popular models help since it makes parts and service even easier. I was able to find a replacement cluster and ac fan for my 05 civic at a You Pull It junk yard for $25 total.

1: 2005 civic bought in 2006 with 13k on it. Drove it till last year and put 230,000 miles on it.
2: Bought a 2005 equinox in 2008 with 36k. Biggest pos ever. The flipping drive shaft snapped at 60k and apparently that was a know issue with those. After a myriad of issues I tossed that piece of junk and got another civic
3: 2011 civic with 15k miles in 2012. Now at 89,000 and should have quite a few years left.
4: 2013 camry hybrid with 23k at the end of 2016 to replace the 05 civic. Wasn't gunning for a hybrid but the price was $100 more than the same year similar mile non hybrids.

That equinox cost more in parts than both civics put together despite me only keeping it to 70k. The civics combine for all of $2000 in non maintenance parts over 15 years and over 300,000 miles. The camry is my first foray into Toyota and I'm hoping for the same reliability.

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Re: How many miles/years do you keep your car?

Post by darrvao777 » Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:01 pm

I typically replace every 3 years around the 36000 - 45000 mile mark

For that reason, leases work out very nicely for us.

We are contemplating owning one car and holding it long term (e.g. until it breaks down) and only leasing one "fun car".

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