Quicken Mobile app [balance discrepancy between app and PC version]

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Quicken Mobile app [balance discrepancy between app and PC version]

Post by bertilak » Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:54 am

Last night I opened my Quicken 2017 and was forced to upgrade to R14.

It was an unusually involved process that included a checklist of about ten or so things I needed to do, the main one being to establish an ID/PW for Quicken security instead of Intuit security. NOTE! Despite the fact that the instructions say this sets the PW for ALL Quicken services I found that Quicken Bill-Pay still uses its original PW.

Also on the list was re-registering the mobile app so, not having used that before, I bit the bullet and signed up for it. This was a little tricky because you need to individually enable each account for mobile access so I was surprised at first when everything worked EXCEPT that the mobile app showed only one account and that was an account that had been closed for a long time. After figuring that out, I enabled the accounts I care about. A lot of behind-the-scenes stuff went on so it took some patience and faith that the right stuff was slowly grinding away.

Once I got that squared away (involving disabling and re-enabling online services for one account) everything appeared to be working OK but one little nagging discrepancy showed up: The online balance shown by the app does not match that shown by both the account's web page and the account's register in Quicken's very own PC application, with which this stuff is supposed to be synced. It is off by the amount of the last transaction. That transaction itself IS shown (and not as pending but as actually having occurred). Several forced re-syncs did not help.

EDIT: Yes, I am familiar with the THREE kinds of account balance: register ending balance, register current balance, and online balance. The balance I am referring to is called "online balance" in both the mobile app and the PC application.

Does anyone have enough familiarity with Quicken's mobile app to comment on the above?
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Re: Quicken Mobile app [balance discrepancy between app and PC version]

Post by CaliJim » Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:25 pm


I can't help you. I did the upgrade too, but declined the offer of the Mobile App and cloud stuff. I don't want my financial info in Quicken's cloud.

Just like the credit agencies...I think it is too big a target for hackers. I don't need hackers getting my ID info from Equifax and my account balances and txn history from Quicken cloud.

IMHO: Turn that quicken cloud stuff off and hope they delete the info.
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Re: Quicken Mobile app [balance discrepancy between app and PC version]

Post by retire57 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:11 pm

Bump again. Who agrees with Calijim's advice to avoid the Quicken app?

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