Is Memrise Pro worth it - using Memrise for language learning

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Is Memrise Pro worth it - using Memrise for language learning

Post by victw » Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:51 am

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with Memrise pro for language learning. We (SO & I) are working on teaching ourselves European Portuguese. I've used AnkiWeb in the past but I'm liking Memrise for the community features. It gives a competitive edge to the experience that is helping keep me engaged.

I'm still on the fence to a Memrise pro upgrade. I'm wondering what folks experience with the pro version and if they thought it was worth a subscription.


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Memrise Pro is worth it

Post by FraggleRock » Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:36 pm

Our trip to Portugal is in 2+ weeks.
I am 170+ hours into European Portuguese on Memrise.
I think Memrise is great.

Here is what I have learned about learning European Portuguese since last November.

1. Avoid any contact with Brazilian Portuguese. They are very different in vocabulary and pronunciation.
2. I started Memrise with the free version and after a few days got a popup offer for 25% off. I ignored it. Kept getting them every few days. Then I got an offer for 50% off. Spent the money. Pro is so much better.
3. Another site to look at is . It has a much stronger focus on learning Portuguese to live there.
4. I have found these sites to be useful:
a. (it does mix both versions of Portuguese though)
5. Rick Steve's book: ... 598801899/ is very useful.

We are going to España in 2018 and I plan on using Memrise to learn: Euskara, Català and Español.

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