Huntington checking acct signup bonus?

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Huntington checking acct signup bonus?

Post by workingovertime » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:47 am

Has anyone tried the $200 Huntington checking account signup bonus?
It charges $5 fee if you do have at least $5000 deposited monthly; however, it does state that bonus of $200 is credited within 14 days of meeting the requirement.

I wanted to meet the requirement and cancel as soon as I receive the credit. I read all of the terms and conditions and didn't see anything about having the bonus forfeited if you close the account within certain period of time... Most banks have terms like that.

Has anyone actually attempted my method above? I don't feel like keeping $5000 tied up to avoid $5 monthly fee for # of months.

EDIT - I found one from same bank that offers $150 but has no monthly fee... so I guess I will go with that one instead.

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