Nashville-specific Eclipse location question

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Nashville-specific Eclipse location question

Post by ResearchMed » Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:29 pm

Hello to Nashville Bogleheads, or those with familiarity with the terrain...

We'll be in town (downtown) for a long weekend for the eclipse, because DH has always wanted to see Nashville anyway.
So even if it's terribly overcast for hundreds of miles around, we'll still have a great time (okay, almost... :( )
And if it's scattered clouds, we'll do our best to chase some clear sky, to the extent that the Traffic Apocalypse allows.

But IF it is generally clear (could happen, right!?)...

Is there some area anywhere towards the center line, if possible, where the is a hill with a clear view to the west/northwest?
That means... no trees (or very few trees).
Something like a hilltop roadside, next to a pasture or something like that?

Apparently IF one can get to such a location, then immediately before totality, one can see the "dark shadow" front line racing towards you. Obviously if its visible, it will be *fast*, so the further out the distance, the better..

It might not be possible to get high enough for this... I don't know how high is needed/preferable for this, or what the nearby terrain is like, and accessibility.
(Unfortunately, we are currently unable to hike any significant distance, so something roadside or not too far from the parked car, would be helpful.)


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Re: Nashville-specific Eclipse location question

Post by Mudpuppy » Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:17 pm

I know nothing about Nashville, but here is's page on Nashville: ... e_1777.htm

There seems to be a lot of information on the Nashville Music City Eclipse page and the Science Center page. Particularly useful is this page of public viewing sites:

If that doesn't help, click through to Xavier's overlay on Google Maps and look around to see if anything looks promising.

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