Oregon road trip help

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Re: Oregon road trip help

Post by AlwaysBeClimbing » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:44 pm

daveydoo wrote:
AlwaysBeClimbing wrote:
Guess your handle is meant to be ironic -- unless it's social climbing :happy . Enjoy the great indoors!

Pics are not the same. If you think that pics are a good substitute, I have a great money-saving tip for you on cars, homes, travel, relationships... :D .

Based upon my unintentional BH poll, it looks like I'll be the only one there...fingers crossed!

I may miss it -- my target area may be overcast that day. You can have the last laugh. This is such a strange forum sometimes. Cheers!
Your comparisons fall flat, unless you have discovered a way to drive, live in, travel to, or have relations with a two dimensional representation of an object. You and a fair number of others want equate this with the second coming, carry on. Just another day for me.

Nature will be the one with the last laugh if it's overcast, I'll be the one wailing "Oh, the humanity!" for the stricken millions. :twisted:

I was trying to figure out what your handle refers to,and all I could come up with is this:

http://onlineslangdictionary.com/meanin ... ion-of/doo

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Re: Oregon road trip help

Post by Pdxnative » Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:32 am

hoops777 wrote:
Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:33 pm
Thanks for all the suggestions.
Here is what I know.
1-We are going to drive 60 miles to Hood River and back to Portland for one day.
2-We are going to drive the coast from Florence to Seaside and will be going through Salem and Eugene.Since we will be probably doing this on the weekend not sure if we should go down the coast and back up through Eugene/Salem or vice versa.
3-My wife wants to spend time in Portland.
I guess we could just stay in Portland day one on Friday with 1:00 arrival and do the Hood River on Saturday or we could do the Hood River on Tuesday,our last day.Any suggestions traffic wise and crowd wise?
Hotels at the coast tend to fill on summer weekends, and most of the good ones have 2-3 night minimums.

I'd suggest:

-head to hood river right from Pdx. You can stay in hood river fri night or return to Portland. Should be plenty of availability downtown Portland Fri night. You can choose what to hit along the way--vista house has decent views, mulnomah falls, angels rest are good but different hikes. Hood river is a neat little town.

-Saturday: drive to Eugene and stay there Saturday night. You can spend the day in portland prior to driving down, or hit something like silver falls state park on the way down. Hotels should be easy in Eugene on a Saturday. Inn at the fifth if you're looking for upscale boutique, but there are plenty of chain hotels.

-Eugene to Florence and up the coast sun-tues. Manzanita and Cannon Beach are neat coastal towns; Lincoln City is larger and may have more hotel availability. Seaside is not our favorite--too honky tonk. I'd be inclined to try to get 2 nights in Cannon Beach and make that home base. Stephanie inn, waves motel, schooners cove, hallmark inn are ocean front and good.

-return to Portland via 26 Tues evening or Wednesday morning. (Tues if you want more time in the city). If you are wine people you could drive back through McMinnville and hit wine country, which is also a beautiful drive. But 26 is great and quick.

You could do the beach loop the opposite direction if you can find hotel availability sat night.

ETA: try to avoid driving into or out of downtown from 3-7. Its not awful but better to plan around. That's why heading to hood river directly from Pdx is a good bet.

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Re: Oregon road trip help

Post by hoops777 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:18 pm

Thanks for all of the help.
I have settled on the following for better or for worse :D
As soon as we get off the plane and get our rental car on Friday at about 1,we are driving towards Eugene and will stay there Friday,hopefully missing most traffic.
Saturday a.m. we head to Florence and stay overnight in Newport.
We spend all day Sunday driving up the coast and stay in Portland Sunday night.
Monday we spend in Portland.
Tuesday we drive to Hood River and back.
Wednesday we stay in Portland until mid afternoon then off to airport.
My wife gets to really see Portland.We get to see a lot of the coast.We get to see the Hood River area.We get to see Eugene and the University.
Good enough for a short trip :happy
K.I.S.S........so easy to say so difficult to do.

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