Cutting the Cord: Who's Best?

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Re: Cutting the Cord: Who's Best?

Post by onourway » Fri May 25, 2018 1:10 pm

We don't have blackout issues for MLB in our area. We get YES and SNY plus some games on NESN and then another game on MLB network. The only time we get blacked out is the few games a year not carried by YES - but we don't get those from the local cable provider either.

This is on YouTube TV. Had Sling for a couple of months. YTTV is MUCH better for just a bit more money. Better interface. Better DVR (although still with limitations). Much better channel selection (IMO). Fewer obviously inserted ads that are repeated over and over at way too loud a volume.

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Re: Cutting the Cord: Who's Best?

Post by SagaciousTraveler » Fri May 25, 2018 1:15 pm

We went with DirectTvNow. Are we married to them, no however we got the following discounts:

1. Prepaid three months of the basic $35 rate and received an Apple 4k TV ($180 value).
2. A few weeks before our three months were set to end, they gave us 60 dollars off the next three months (reduced to 15 a month) to update our first generation Amazon fire stick.

The nice thing is, while the battle continue to be waged, there will be many discounts available to you if you are flexible.

So far we've been pleased with DirectTvNow, even more so with the BETA DVR that was just released. We've encountered issues here and there but they are getting much better. Also the ability to add HBO for only 5 dollars (when I was paying 15 for HBO NOW, when Game of Thrones comes on) is another benefit for us.

I've noticed our old cable company (TimeWarner/Spectrum, we still use them for internet), is emailing us a crazy amount of offers for their new 'streaming' service. The last one I saw was 20 dollars for local channels plus any ten you choose (most people don't even watch 10). So even the traditional players are trying to get into the game, and throwing decent offers out there.

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