Terrible negotiator - need help with words to use [Buying a car]

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Re: Terrible negotiator - need help with words to use [Buying a car]

Post by michaeljc70 » Sat Dec 16, 2017 12:16 pm

It is unlikely you are getting the best deal if any car dealer sells you a car on the first visit (unless you negotiated via email). My last car I bought I was about 5 miles away on my way to the next dealer when they called me back.

I would take a few thousand off their offer and shop it around. You can use something like TrueCar to get a starting point, but I would aim for better than that price. Since you are uncomfortable negotiating in person, I would try to do it via email. Obviously dealers don't like this so it doesn't work with all dealers. There are many threads on car negotiating via email.

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Re: Terrible negotiation - need help with words to use [Buying a car]

Post by JBTX » Sat Dec 16, 2017 1:58 pm

cantos wrote:
Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:22 am
Daisy Dog wrote:I am a TERRIBLE negotiator. My stomach is in a knot, my voice quivers, I can't make eye contact, and generally I"m a mess when it comes to responding to an offer I've received. Naturally, salespeople love me.

So help! What words should I use to get this price down - a car quote. (and BTW, it is the color I want - exterior and interior and has Eyesight option)

2017 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium
Internet Quote
Mfgs. List $30,915
Msgs. Invoice $28,480
Dealership Internet price: $27,932 plus $489 d & h. Tax for local area , tags and License extra.

I just know there must be something I can say to get the first offer down.

Daisy Dog
Negotiate over email. First email something like:
"Hi, I am interested in -----. I am also sending this email to X, Y, and Z dealerships in the area. I will buy the one that gets me the best price. Please give me your absolute best ALL-IN price."
Send the email to several dealerships. Then wait for replies.

Second email to the one dealership you want:
"Thanks for the reply. Z dealership can give me an all-in price at $27,000. Can you beat it?"
Wait for reply.

Third email:
"Thanks for beating it. I will buy and call you in a bit." OR:
"Thanks. Even though you haven't beaten the price, I'm satisfied and will call you in a bit."

I do something like above whenever I buy a car. Simple, takes little time, and you get the best price.
Agree. Either talk to someone in the internet sales dept over the phone or else do it via email. Tell them what you want and give them a price lower than you are willing to pay. Or better yet tell them Dealer x offered me y, can you beat it? It helps to go to one of the car sites like cars.com and filter by the kind of car you want and sort by lowest price. Then quote that price to the dealer over the phone or email.

They really want to get you to come in. If you are there you have less leverage than when you are at home. In the past before internet I’ve haggled quite a bit at a dealership to get to a price and then called another dealership and they said they could match that within 30 seconds.

When you are at the dealer really the only leverage you have is to be willing to walk if you don’t get your price.

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Re: Terrible negotiator - need help with words to use [Buying a car]

Post by 4nwestsaylng » Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:11 pm

Over the years I have researched the techniques, how to negotiate, walk away, etc.. In my experience, there is always some tactic or trick that you have not anticipaed.

Let Costco be the big gorilla, they pick their dealers and the price has to be good. Just go with Costco. Maybe you could beat the price by a hundred or so on your own, but very unlikely. Just as unlikely as you buying an individual stock after a lot of analysis, thinking you will beat the index.

I think the Boglehead way is just usse Costco or similar, no human ineraction until you pick up the car. Buy the car new and keep it for at least ten years, or longer and you will do fine. Know the model you want first of course. Some people enjoy the thrill of trying to match wits with the sales people. I would rather do other things with my time. For the same reason, I don't research stocks or go to investment clubs.

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Re: Terrible negotiator - need help with words to use [Buying a car]

Post by livesoft » Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:21 pm

Most people would at least like to sit in the car they are going to spend thousands of dollars on and test drive it. You just suggested no human interaction which also suggests no test driving, no sitting in the care, and so on. And no time researching which car you want to buy.

I suppose the future could be: Order 10 cars from Costco. They show up one per week in your driveway with the keys in your mailbox. You drive them a little bit, but send them all back with the pre-paid return shipping label. Then you place your order for one you really wanted.
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