Seeking others denied by CalPERS LTC to compare notes with

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Seeking others denied by CalPERS LTC to compare notes with

Post by bnes » Tue Oct 18, 2016 3:14 am

My terminally ill cancer stricken parent was denied coverage under a CalPERS Long Term Care coverage plan. Based on others in a cancer support group, this is now common procedure: the stories came out of others denied at first regardless of circumstance.

This is unfortunate, as it happens right when the person needing care has the lowest ability to fight.

I'm seeking contact with others denied LTC benefits. Supposedly an individual is eligible if they need assistance with two of the six items:

! Bathing
! Dressing
! Eating
! Transferring
! Toileting
! Continence

The term definitions are at ... efinitions

An as for the the fiscal question: is LTC a good investment? Well, you can't really tell. But do factor in the hassle of actually claiming the insurance, and consider what your quality of life may be during the claim period.

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