Trader Joe's Fans - good value?

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Re: Trader Joe's Fans - good value?

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bawr wrote: Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:40 pm
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Socrates wrote: Sat Jun 01, 2019 5:47 pm
Adidas/Puma is another similar case, but it is more obvious.

Please share the obvious
I believe the Adidas/Pumas reference is that both companies were founded by the Dassler brothers.

Article - ... 89,00.html

Trader Joe's/Aldi are the Albrecht brothers.

Wiki -

From the above - one split was friendly. The other wasn't.
This phenomenon extends to the realm of hiking boots:

Lowa Sportschuhe GmbH (Lorenz Wagner)
Hanwag GmbH (Hans Wagner)
Check out the latest drama on Aldi family Trust, seems like the founders were lived below one's means, except for the mother ... s-reports/
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Re: Trader Joe's Fans - good value?

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We love the chili onion crunch. ... ion-crunch

It goes on everything! Hot dogs, bread, ... Never tried it on ice cream as NYT reports. We go through at least a jar a week which may be pushing the limit.

Its similar to other products highlighted in several food columns at 2 -3x the cost. ... runch.html

Also great sockeye salmon. The unfrozen (maybe previously frozen?) filets look perfect, taste better and are cheap. The have frozen portions as well, but why when the unfrozen are so good.

We won't go to Costco during the pandemic so we switched to buying filet mignon at TJs. Similar in pricing and quality, although TJs doesn't have prime. We buy the slightly pricier center cuts and use them on the grill or in strogonoff.

As an aside Aldi's finally opened a store near me. I've walked through but have not bought anything. I'm so used to TJs products that I'm not sure I will experiment.
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Re: Trader Joe's Fans - good value?

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Kale Cashew Pesto - its not very oily, which is great, and we eat 2x/wk reliably on a mixture of Banza chickpea pasta, green beans and fingerling potatoes.
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Re: Trader Joe's Fans - good value?

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Yes, still great value. You should try the vast array of hummus, the house coffee, the excellent assortment of Charles Shaw wine and the expanded adult beverage section. Also don't forget the brussels sprout when in season.
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Re: Trader Joe's Fans - good value?

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LuigiLikesPizza wrote: Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:57 am Do you have a list of items you buy repeatedly at Trader Joes? either due to price or quality - or best case, best value?

For me - I probably spend at least 75% of my grocery budget at that one store

cultured butter
fresh garlic peeled
uncured meats
smoked salmon
frozen sea scallops
bagged greens
some of their wines and juices
onions, potatoes, citrus
nuts (crazy good value)
oils, some of their condiments
tea tree shampoo
almond butter
ginger and coconut pieces
frozen fruits & veggies
Xmas time: hors doevres, truffle salt

Other than the hors doevres, I rarely buy any prepared foods or recipe type meals- very hit or miss (too many misses).
Most of my groceries come from Trader Joe's.
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Re: Trader Joe's Fans - good value?

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GoldenFinch wrote: Fri Sep 23, 2016 12:17 pm Our Trader Joe's was so popular they moved the location to accommodate more parking spaces and built a new building from scratch. Ironically the new building lost all the charm of the old one and the layout of the store made the whole experience shopping there unappealing. So sadly I quit shopping at Trader Joe's and go to a nice local farmers market instead. The conclusion around town is that they were ruined by their own success, at least a little bit anyway because they are no longer crowded.
So the new store closed?
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Re: Trader Joe's Fans - good value?

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I used to buy the two buck chuck based solely on price. After awhile I came to realize it was undrinkable.
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Re: Trader Joe's Fans - good value?

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Trader Joes Chili Onion Crunch. THE. BEST. EVER. Al Roker agrees btw!
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Re: Trader Joe's Fans - good value?

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Will have to add the Chilli Onion Crunch to our next trip

Green Dragon Sauce is a favorite

also have the best price we've found on sunbutter (used for kids' lunches)
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Re: Trader Joe's Fans - good value?

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Mango chutney
Smoked salmon- much cheaper than in supermarkets
Cranberry chutney around November
cheap bananas
Very Berry Clusters
Frozen shrimp gyoza, frozen burritos (the vegetarian one is maybe the best but chicken is also good), frozen uncooked jumbo shrimp
Pico de Gallo
Pelmeni to put in soup
Chicken, lentil and cream of tomato soup
Jars of eggplant and red pepper puree- mix them with marinara sauce or pesto or put on toast, whatever.....
Orchids! They last a really long time. Get ones that have buds on them that have not yet bloomed.
Potted herbs. We have an herb garden but keeping pots of herbs you use a lot on the windowsill is so convenient.
Mediterranean Hummus
Masala burgers- I like them better than their beef or turkey burgers.
If you don't have a good local ice cream parlor their little baby ice cream cones are surprisingly good, and their soy vanilla ice cream is great in iced coffee in a blender instead of water ice.
Oh, if you like fig newtons, here is something way their cinnamon graham crackers and put one or two of their California figs on top. I eat them as quick snacks all the time.
Those chips with bean and quinoa in them in the big brown bags. They taste better than the ordinary corn chips IMHO.
Those little six packs of guacamole- not as good as homemade but so convenient and individually portioned so it doesn't all go brown in the fridge.

The stuff I miss most that they used to carry:
Dukkah. Good on everything. I learned to make my own.
Soy ginger vinaigrette. The only bottled dressing I ever used. I have to learn how to make that one too.

Thanks for the onion chili recommendation.
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Re: Trader Joe's Fans - good value?

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We've been munching on TJ's dried mangoes and chili mangoes the last couple of days. The chili mangoes are particularly good. Our daughter likes the PB&J bars.

I'm still upset that they no longer carry bacon popcorn. :x
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