Looking for a Mission-style Oak Dresser

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Looking for a Mission-style Oak Dresser

Post by OnFire »

My parents used to live in a manufactured home in a camp-ground type resort an hour away from me. It caught fire and burned to the ground. They will probably be spending around a month over the summer in a bedroom in my basement. I recently bought a used, high end futon than I am quite fond of. It is mission-style and solid oak. I got it for less than half of new, in excellent condition.

I am looking for a highboy dresser or perhaps an armoir for them to put their clothes in while they are here. I have tried Craigslist (the source of the futon) without much luck. I am a bit of a furniture snob, since I like woodworking and know the difference between a a solid oak dresser with dove-tailed joints and particle board held together with knockdown hardware.

Looking for suggestions as where to find such a piece. I am in far south west Chicago and haven't had much luck in the Salvation Army type places.

Thanks in advance....
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Re: Looking for a Mission-style Oak Dresser

Post by Carson »

We craigslist for everything and it took quite awhile to find just the right set of bunkbeds, so I feel your pain.

A solid wood mission style dresser from an Amish maker would cost a considerable amount. There are places in IN though that I think are cheaper than the city. You could try Darvin, they have a massive warehouse in the South 'burbs. Price range and quality should be between the two.
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Re: Looking for a Mission-style Oak Dresser

Post by ubermax »

Shouldn't this be posted in the "Consumer" section ????
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Re: Looking for a Mission-style Oak Dresser

Post by ingenue »

PM me. I'm keeping a mission, golden oak bedroom suite in storage for my Mom in Bloomingdale. It was purchased from Classic Oak Designs several years ago and includes a wide dresser with mirror, and a tall dresser. She isn't using the furniture, so if she agrees I can sell, we might be able to work something out. I'm not local to there but my brothers are and have the storage key, so I'd have to work it out with them, too.

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Re: Looking for a Mission-style Oak Dresser

Post by c078342 »

Another vote for Stickley -- furniture is made in upstate New York. Solid oak, sturdy, excellent joinery, not inexpensive, but worth it. We have a great room and dining room full of it.
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Re: Looking for a Mission-style Oak Dresser

Post by spooky105 »

You might check out liveauctioneers and search for auction houses in your area (or beyond if you're willing to coordinate shipping). A lot of smaller estate sale companies have partnered with these folks to enable online/absentee bidding. Also look at eBay/Etsy. I've managed to come out ahead by buying at auction and coordinating shipping, especially vs buying new. You won't get a Craiglist steal, but if you have the time to look around you can get some fair deals, especially if it's something you'll hang onto for the long term.

Treadway Toomey Auctions (http://www.treadwaygallery.com/) may be up your alley, but a lot of the pieces are early examples that are collectable (and hence very expensive). You may find some more affordable options that sneak their way into an auction.
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