Is 2007 Accord 60K mile service worth $300?

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Re: Is 2007 Accord 60K mile service worth $300?

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ivyhedge wrote:
tj wrote:I have now found my 11 Civic LX maintenance history.
September 2013 - 22k miles - engine filter $59.95
September 2013 - 22k miles - cabin filter $59.95
When we had a car, it was a model comparable to yours. The primary air filter was $11.99 at AutoZone and the cabin filter was $6.99 on Amazon. It took five minutes to replace the former; fewer than ten for the latter. PLEASE do not give a stealership money for something like that...
Confirmed. Once you know which clips to push, it takes 1 minutes to replace the cabin filter in an Accord/Civic, and maybe 3 minutes to replace the engine filter (you have to finagle the filter cover to get it into place).

Cabin filter:
Engine filter:
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Re: Is 2007 Accord 60K mile service worth $300?

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katnok wrote:Here is what they are going to do:

1. Change the engine oil and oil filter
2. Rotate the tires.
3. Inspect the front and rear brakes.
4. Check all fluid levels and conditions.
5. Check brake lines and hoses, cooling system hoses and connections and fuel line hoses.
6. Replace spark plugs.
7. Replace air cleaner element
8. Replace brake fluid
9. Inspect or replace drive belts.
I typically do all this myself, but $300 is not a bad price for this amount of work. Replacing the brake fluid is not much fun for the home mechanic. I find as I get older, I am more willing to pay for the things that require me to lay flat on my back under the car :happy
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Re: Is 2007 Accord 60K mile service worth $300?

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katnok wrote:My 2007 Accord, which has 60K miles, is due for 'B' maintenance. So, I called a few Honda dealerships, and the cheapest quote I received was $300 + Taxes.

Honestly, I do not know if this is worth the money. I have never had regular servicing done anywhere other than at Honda, but do not remember any of them costing this much over 7+ years.

What do you guys think? Should I get it done at Honda for the quoted price or take the car to some other place?
Is 2007 Accord 60K mile service worth $300? Yes. $300 is a very small price to pay for the safety of myself and my family.
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Re: Is 2007 Accord 60K mile service worth $300?

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OP here.

Sorry, I couldn't respond sooner.

Thanks all for the great discussion.

Unfortunately, I am not a DIY guy. Particularly, I don't want to mess with something like a car (As a kid, I did mess with radios and such though).

I found a Honda dealer that's going to do this 60K "B" maintenance for about $270, and will get it done there.

Thanks again.
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Re: Is 2007 Accord 60K mile service worth $300?

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At 60k, most of that stuff probably doesn't need to be done or has already been done. Find an independent mechanic and have them take a look; it will be cheaper.

Now not all dealers are shysters, but the big hint that your dealer is hoodwinking you is that they offer this "service" at all. These "xx mile service" jobs are rip offs - maintenance is maintenance and it's all outlined in your vehicle's manual. No extra "service" is needed. 30,000 miles after bought my truck, the dealer suggested either a $300, $600 or $900 service, depending on what "level" I wanted (or perhaps how stupid I was). I never did any of it and never took it back to a dealer, save for a few instances over the years that my mechanic didn't have the equipment to do. It still runs fine 15 years and 280,000+ miles later.

Also never get your brakes down at the dealer. In my experience over the years, it's usually at least a 4x markup.

Now, if you have a godawful amount of money and don't might paying four times what a service really costs over the life of your car, go crazy.

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