Stopping Junk Mail

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Re: Stoping Junk Mail

Post by bill99 » Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:28 pm

I don't see how these reasons make it right for Junk Mailers like you advised you are attempting to make money by invading our mailboxes with unwanted junk. It is much different than TV ads, radio commercials,and even email etc, which are easy to turn off and do not require disposal. To say that junk email is worse than a mailbox a hundred feet from my front door full of unwanted paper every day is just not accurate.
Hi, Diogenes.

I don't consider myself the Defender of the Direct Mail Industry (which mails Presort Standard mail, otherwise known as bulk, third class or "junk" mail).

I'm a writer/editor/publisher. But to earn a living, I have to SELL the stuff. No marketing, no income.

My choices are:
1. Direct mail (you say "junk mail")
2. Website
3. Blog
4. Email
5. Social media
6. Space ads in newspapers, magazines, directories, etc.
7. Word of mouth.
8. eAds (Google Analytics, click-thru ads)

Of the above options, the only one that works reliably and well enough -- for MY business; can't speak for others -- is #1, Direct Mail.

So that's what I use. My mailings are targeted, business-to-business mail -- all DMA'd and NCOA'd. Sometimes Presort Standard, sometimes Presort First Class. When I rent expensive mailing lists, I work with a capable list broker to select 4-line+ addresses WITH job titles. If there's a business address select, I choose that, and pay more for it. I want to mail my narrow, targeted offer to business people with job titles in my field, who are on mailing lists specific to my field.

In other words, that ain't you. Or your mailbox. :happy Or anyone else's home address. Absolute last thing I want.

But, hey, I'm not Pizza Hut.


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Re: Stopping Junk Mail

Post by lucky3 » Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:37 pm


As you pointed out, direct mail can be expensive so no responsible direct marketer wants to mail to anyone who is not interested or will never respond to their offer.

Those people that want to limit their receipt of 3rd class mail can contact the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) and ask to be put on their Mail Preference Service. In a month or two the amount of third class mail they receive should be way down.


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