What's your usual retirement day like ?

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Re: What's your usual retirement day like ?

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cusetownusa wrote:
Cruise wrote:Not 100% retired, but maybe 98%.

Sleep until wake up.
Get out of bed when nature calls.
Coffee, electronic news sources, breakfast.
Take wife to work at University on days I freely audit classes there. Enjoy her parking pass. Enjoy the lectures and labs and the young students.
Board meetings.
Golf on occasion.
Workouts: rebuilt muscle mass that I thought was gone forever.
Housecleaning and food shopping.
Pickup wife from work.
Ask wife to feel my muscles.
Grilling and some recipie experiments.
Trip planning and execution.
Financial planning.
Nap when needed.
Some TV days, but not enough time.

Really enjoy not thinking about work. Glad I made the decision to sell my business.
lol at bolded part.

Do you have kids? and how old are you? I could see this happening to me if I sell my business in 8-10 years. My wife would get a generous pension and retiree healthcare (teacher) if she works to 55 so it wouldn't make sense for her to retiree before then.
We are DINKS (well, used to be, but only wife's income now). Sold the business in my early 60s. Some transition time handing off Goodwill to buyer and mentoring.

If you are thinking of selling your business, plan now. Visualize how it will happen. Talk to others who have sold their businesses. Read about it. See if someone will share their contract so you can tinker with it before you bring it to an attorney. I probably spent 10 years in the planning, and benefited greatly by the advice of those who came before me (who had sold business in other sectors), as well as my CPA.

One big issue for you may be how to structure your life while awaiting your wife's retirement. In my wife's case, she can retire now, but is having too much fun. I could travel the world without her, but chose to be around to support my wife by taking care of the household. Can't pressure her to retire, because there is no going back from that decision. Just have to be patient and let the process happen. :)
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Re: What's your usual retirement day like ?

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For anyone looking for a happy retirement, I ran across this idea last week:

"The secret of happiness is finding something to be enthusiastic about"

"If you can't find it, find someone who has and help them"
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Re: What's your usual retirement day like ?

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This interesting thread was created about 8 years ago. I spent two days to read all the posts. As I am about to make a final decision to retire very soon, these posts are very helpful.

Any original posters would like to update their recent views and activities of a usual retirement day? I am also interested in seeing how many original posters are still here, posting somewhat regularly. I know that Sheepdog and VictoriaF sometimes post?
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Re: What's your usual retirement day like ?

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Mine aren't usual. They're different.
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Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Honey-do list items. It goes to infinity and beyond.
Working 1/2 hour per day.
Travel planning.
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Re: What's your usual retirement day like ?

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gerntz wrote: Wed Jun 23, 2021 4:42 pm Mine aren't usual. They're different.
Indeed. If you have. “usual” you’re probably doing it wrong.
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