Jack's Interview @ Bogleheads 10

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Jack's Interview @ Bogleheads 10

Post by OZAR »

Jack's Interview with Christine Benz

Bogle: Market About Fairly Valued Today
http://www.morningstar.com/Cover/videoC ... ?id=397707

Bogle: Stick to the Straight and Narrow
http://www.morningstar.com/Cover/videoC ... ?id=397706
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Re: Jack's Interview @ Bogleheads 10

Post by Barry Barnitz »

Thanks Ozar;

We have created our sites' Wiki page for Bogleheads® 10 Videos, so for site members, please embed subsequent videos into the page:

Wiki article link: Bogleheads® 10 Videos.

Additional administrative tasks: Financial Page bogleheads.org. blog; finiki the Canadian wiki; The Bogle Center for Financial Literacy site; La Guía Bogleheads® España site.
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Re: Jack's Interview @ Bogleheads 10

Post by bb »

Noticed Jack mentioned going down on bond quality to get greater yield.
Has Jack Bogle often mentioned doing this to increase bond yields?
I don't recall him recommending that before. Is over weighting
investment grade bonds the same thing as active management
when it comes to stocks or is there a difference?

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