Mutual funds win while we lose

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Mutual funds win while we lose

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Amazing. It is truly horrific that investors, as CAPTIVE customers of these products, are not guaranteed some basic protections.

Either free us from captivity and enable real competition or at least give us some basic protection.

That's very frustrating!
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Post by GammaPoint »

What are you referring to exactly?
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Re: Mutual funds win while we lose

Post by Ron »

Eric White wrote:CAPTIVE customers...
Dosen't apply at all.

If you don't like the game, than don't play.

- Ron
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GammaPoint wrote:What are you referring to exactly?
I think the OP was targeted to this thread.

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Post by stratton »

Mutual funds have lots of protections. If a fund company goes bankrupt a mutual fund is segrated and protected from creditors.

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