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jack bogle
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Hi, Bogleheads!

I've just viewed the marvelous DVD of Bogleheads VIII, and congratulate you all on what was obviously a tremendously successful gathering--despite the absence of some prima donna who had the ill-grace to find himself in the Intensive Care Unit in Bryn Mawr Hospital!

Of course I was deeply touched by the innumerable personal tributes, from the oldest among you to the youngest (under one year?) who appeared with his parents. Further, your self-introductions reinforced my absolute conviction that "real, honest-to-God human beings" should be the focus of any financial enterprise worth its salt. In my Tenth Anniversary edition of "Common Sense on Mutual Funds" (should be in stores around Thanksgiving), I have added an extensive commentary entitled "The Rise of the Bogleheads," surely one of the important developments of the past decade.

I also want to express my profound appreciation to Taylor, Mel, et al, for their generosity in directing the royalties from their new "BH Guide to Retirement Planning" to the National Constitution Center in my honor. The book, like its predecessor, is already hitting the ball out of the park, an important affirmation of the idea of a community of investors, each helping the other. Your collective efforts are truly making a difference, and the ripples across the investor pond brought by your wisdom and common sense will get ever larger in the years ahead. A tidal wave? Perhaps.

So thanks for giving me strength and hope, and determination to "press on, regardless." While I'm far too young to retire, I'm now entering a new and less demanding phase of my providentially long life. But in all that I do I'll stand firm with you, inspired and grateful for your confidence and trust no matter what.

I'm feeling better and stronger with each passing day. And no IV tubes sticking out of me since last Sunday! Thanks again, and bless you all.

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Post by VictoriaF »


Congratulations with getting rid of the IV tubes! We missed you,

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Post by Cyberdaisy »

Dear Jack,

Ahhhh, free at last! We rejoice in this news with you! That fightin' spirit serves you -- and us -- well. You are our hero....we love you and honor you! Keep on keeping on....

Plan for the future but live for today.
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Mel Lindauer
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Hi Jack:

Glad you enjoyed the DVDs from Bogleheads 8 in Dallas.

It's so good to hear that your health is improving. Getting rid of those IV tubes must have really lifted your spirits.

While we really missed you in Dallas, it was such a treat to get your phone message to the assembled Bogleheads (made from the ICU, no less), so we're counting that as an official attendance. That means your perfect attendance is still intact!

We're hoping that you're really serious about cutting back a bit on your hectic schedule so that you'll stay healthy and be with us for a long, long time. We need your voice and leadership to continue the good fight on behalf of investors.

Continue to get better, and we'll see you in Philly next year for Bogleheads 9.
Best Regards - Mel | | Semper Fi
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Glad to hear you're feeling better, Jack. Hope to see you next year in Philly.

-Grandpa | I'd rather see where I'm going than see where I've been.
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Jack -

I was not at Dallas either, but may I say how pleased I am that you are doing better.

It does not seem 10 years since Common Sense first came out but Wiley must keep track of these things.
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Dear Mr. Bogle,

Thank you very much for taking the time to post a message. My thoughts and wishes are with you for a speedy recovery.


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Post by adave »

Dear Mr. Bogle -

I have spent countless hours watching your interviews and discussions on youtube. Your wisdom has had a profound effect on my views on investing. I can't thank you enough, knowing how you have always stood up for the common investor.

Best wishes on a speedy recovery!

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Mr. Bogle, may you have a rapid and complete recovery. Prayers and good wishes are heading your way in droves!

Please be well.
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Post by Rubiosa »

Best wishes, Sir.
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Good on ya, Jack. Get well soon.

Best wishes
Regards, | | Guy
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I too, wish to add my heartfelt thanks for all you have done in helping to secure the future of all of us and of those we love.

God's blessings on you! Stay well...Dale
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Post by Norris »


Always so good to hear from you on the forum! I will be looking forward to purchasing and reading the 10th anniversary edition of Common Sense. It should arrive soon after I've completed the Boglehead's and William Bernstein's latest contributions. I'm very happy and thankful you're feeling better!
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Mr. Bogle
Best wishes and wishing you a speedy recovery. Thanks for all that you have done for the "little guy".
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Post by Beverly »

Dear Jack,
Thank you for posting and telling us you are better. You are loved and appreciated by all the Bogleheads, and you have eased our concern. God bless you, and may you remain strong to "fight the good fight".
Grateful for you!
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Taylor Larimore
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Jack. Now it's my turn.

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Dear Jack:

In September 2005, while recovering from a cancer operation that took away my voice, you mailed me a personal note which included these words:

"Your many friends an admirers are rooting for a happy outcome, a speedy recuperation, and a full recovery. You shall overcome."

Your "rooting" worked! Now it is my turn, along with millions of your friends and admirers, to wish you the same "full recovery."

Your courage, perseverance and selflessness after your first heart attack in 1960, and subsequent heart transplant in 1996, are an inspiration to all of us.

You shall overcome!
"Simplicity is the master key to financial success." -- Jack Bogle
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Kathleen Ryan
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Thank you

Post by Kathleen Ryan »

Thank you Jack,

for your special message here at the Bogleheads Forum for us.

I can think of no one fitting the "prima donna" description that didn't show up at Bogleheads 8. 8) Only a wonderful man who was missed so very much by all who attended.

It must have been a riot to see the doctors and nurses running around to get you that phone in the ICU so you could talk with us Thursday morning. You were so kind as to answer some questions that morning. And rest assured that Kevin graciously and professionally stepped in with the details you referred to as soon as you got off the phone.

I must say that during your conversation with us via the telephone you had many of us laughing and crying at the same time. It was so good to hear your voice. It sounded as strong as ever, but sad to know you couldn't join us, but so very funny with some of the things you were saying. If people hadn't experienced it before, "mixed emotions" really seemed to describe how many of us felt.

Our prayers are with you for a speedy and full recovery. You are the best, and we know you will, "Press on Regardless."

Please know that you are needed so very much. I remember reading in one of your books that your mentor, Walter Morgan lived to be 100 years old, and you had told him you didn't know what you would do without him. Well this is how I, and I know so many others feel about you. We are blessed to know you.

With best wishes to you always,
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Dear Mr. Bogle,

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Very glad to hear your health is improving. I'd also like to express my gratitude to you for standing up for the little guy on their financial journey in life. You truly have made a difference to countless millions of them.


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Post by tetractys »

Hello Jack!

It's always a pleasure to hear from you on our forum. Your quite an inspiration you know. I hope to meet you in person someday.

All the best, Tet
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Post by gailcox »

Hi Jack,

What a sweet relief to read this greeting from you! I know many of us have been wondering how you have been faring.

While you were very much missed in Fort Worth at BH 8, hearing your voice during the "audio chat" was so great! It put us at ease when we heard your strong, booming voice! It was a special treat to still have you in attendance, even tho it was via an audio link!

Your Bogleheads are always here for you, rooting you on!

Stay well!

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White Coat Investor
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Post by White Coat Investor »

jack bogle wrote:
Of course I was deeply touched by the innumerable personal tributes, from the oldest among you to the youngest (under one year?) who appeared with his parents.
As the father of the youngest, you probably don't realize the influence you'll have on his life yet.

We're glad you're feeling a bit better and hope to get the chance to meet you in person in the future. But you know what I learned at the Bogleheads Reunion? All those people I thought I was going to finally meet? Well, I already knew them. With most of them I just launched right into conversation because, hey, we've already been friends for several years. I'm sure it'd be the same with you.
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Post by lj3jim »

Best wishes, Jack, from a new Boglehead. I've only been a member for 6 months, but the benefits from your wisdom have been amazing. I now look to the future with confidence rather than wondering what the stock market is going to do tomorrow or next week or next month. You've given the world a great gift. Thank you very much!

Regards, Jim
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Rick Ferri
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In my Tenth Anniversary edition of "Common Sense on Mutual Funds" (should be in stores around Thanksgiving), I have added an extensive commentary entitled "The Rise of the Bogleheads," surely one of the important developments of the past decade.
That will be interesting to read.

Get well soon, Jack. There are a lot more dragons to slay, and they seem to be multiplying faster than ever.

Rick Ferri
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Post by Bruce »


Looking forward to reading your intro to the 10th anniversary edition, and the 20th and more after that.

Thanks for sharing the news you are feeling better, and thanks for all you have done for my family!

best regards,
Bruce | | Winner of the 2017 Bogleheads Contest | | "Simplicity is the master key to financial success."
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Post by arma »

Dear Mr Bogle,
Thank you for your wisdom.
Glad to hear you are better , Wish you a speedy recovery

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Post by thedude »

Dear Jack,

You wouldn't know me from Adam if we passed each other on the street, yet you have had a hugely positive impact on my life. Thank you, and best wishes.
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Post by sopogah »

Dear Jack,

Glad to hear from you.

Best of health to you.

Your wisdom will guide millions of investors for generations.

Thank you.
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Post by TLC97 »

Thoughts and prayer for a speedy recover from another admirer. The power of prayer and thoughts from Bogleheads around the world will hopefully speed your recovery.

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Post by HunterGatherer »

Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, Mr. Bogle.
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Post by RTR2006 »

Dear Mr. Bogle, many thanks for taking the time to write and let us know that you're feeling better.

We're all hoping you're back to back to normal soon!

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post reply

Post by Jazzman »

Hello Jack,

Get well soon and best wishes. I'll see you in Philly @ #9.

Best regards,
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Post by amplifier »

Can't wait for the new edition... thank you for being a tireless advocate for the individual investor.
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Post by TJAJ9 »

Hi Jack,

I hope you keep feeling better and better. Hopefully I will get the chance to meet you in Philly next year. Take care!
Chuck T
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My thoughts and prayers are with you. Continue to get better and stronger. We need your voice. Hope to meet you in Philly. Chuck
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Post by nvboglehead »

Dear Mr. Bogle:

It has been an honor to be present at four Bogleheads' reunions. We thank you for sharing your wisdom over the years in speeches, books and writings. We are grateful to you for your setting Vanguard on its course of greatness.

We wish you continued improving health. And we look forward to seeing you next year in Philly.


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Post by LynnC »

Dear Jack,

I love it when you write to us. I am so glad you are feeling better and I must admit, you had me worried. I did not attend the Dallas reunion either. This made me miss the Boglettes and Timmy had to fill in! What a sight we both missed, I'm told.

Take it easy and as Daisydog says, "Keep on keeping on".....

Triple digit golfer
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Post by Triple digit golfer »

Mr. Bogle,

Congratulations on getting those tubes out! Best wishes on staying strong and healthy.
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Post by InvestingMom »

Dear Mr. Bogle,

Your message reminds me of how honored I am to be a boglehead. I wish you the speediest recovery.

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Post by TheEthicalAdvisor »


It is wonderful to hear that you are now without IVs and getting better daily. I enjoyed listening to you on the phone at Bogleheads 8. It will be great to see you in better health at BH 9 in Philly next year! Take care, and continue the long fight for the little man on Wall Street!


Evan Peterson
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Thanks Mr. Bogle!

Post by cudaman »

It's a rare opportunity to be able to thank someone like you directly for their help in my pursuit of investing success. Add to that my belief that this someone has it right without question. Wow! Thank you so much! Sincerely. I wish I had words to express this better. Stay well Mr. Bogle.

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Post by paulob »

I think some actions speak volumes.

Volume A: a conference call from the hospital (and now know it was the ICU at that).

Volume B: taking the time to write the above note, so soon after being discharged.

I believe I could improve myself, not merely by taking the investing lessons that you are so famous for, but by learning by your example:

a role model of personal character and inner strength.

Best wishes on a full return to your best health.
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Post by azxcvbnm321 »

Dear Mr. Bogle, I just finished reading your book, Enough. I used to think that capitalism was amoral, that we should play the game as hard as possible and perhaps stretch the rules a little, though without breaking the law. You've made me see that this view is wrong and shameful, there's no dichotomy between a work world and a leisure world. Character, ethics, and morality shouldn't be suspended when we enter the workplace, nor should they take a backseat to profits or income. We must never forget who we are, and that businesses exist to provide a service or good to the public. Profits come from providing well. Thanks for the reminder, it's easy to lose sight of the big picture with the win at all costs mentality so prevalent in our media. I'm very grateful that you've never lost sight of the moral compass and that HMS Vanguard continues to sail the path you set. Get well soon, we'll never have enough of your insight.

Best Wishes,

BiJian Feng