VTI vs VTSAX large differential

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VTI vs VTSAX large differential

Post by Pepper11 »

There is often a single basis point differential on any given day between VTSAX and VTI.

But today April 1 there is a very large differential.

VTI down 0.08%
VTSAX down 0.28%

That is way more than rounding. I have never seen anything close to this large of a differential excepting for dividend days.

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Re: VTI vs VTSAX large differential

Post by rkhusky »

Vanguard is showing VTI down 0.29% NAV and 0.28% Market.

Vanguard is showing the final price as $259.32, while my phone is showing $259.70 (and down 0.08%).

I would believe the -0.28% number because SPY was down 0.17% and VB was down 0.86%.
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