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Consuelo Mack / Wealthtrack

Post by CountryBoy »

For those with an interest re upcoming shows:

June 29th
Adam Lerrick
Professor of Economics, Carnegie Mellon University
Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Richard Bookstaber
A Demon of Our Own Design

Hedge Funds now account for 40 percent of all stock trades and 50 percent of all bond trading in the U.S. How does this enormous presence in the financial markets impact the markets themselves and ordinary investors? On hand to assess the pros and cons of hedge funds are former hedge-fund manager Richard Bookstaber and economics professor and Congressional adviser Adam Lerrick.


July 6th
Ben Stein
Economist, Author, Actor

Jason Zweig
Investing Columnist
Money Magazine

How do you take control your financial life? Two personal finance gurus,
multi-talented author Ben Stein and Money Magazine's Jason Zweig talk about the personal keys to financial success.
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Post by NAVigator »

I would like to point out that the transcripts for the past two shows are available online (free) and they are available for all previous shows for $4.99.
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Great guests

Post by pkcrafter »

Thanks for the heads-up on these shows. Richard Bookstaber, appearing on the 29th, is a must see. He is author of the book, A Demon of Our Own Design
Why do markets keep crashing and why are financial crises greater than ever before? As the risk manager to some of the leading firms on Wall Street–from Morgan Stanley to Salomon and Citigroup–and a member of some of the world’s largest hedge funds, from Moore Capital to Ziff Brothers and FrontPoint Partners, Rick Bookstaber has seen the ghost inside the machine and vividly shows us a world that is even riskier than we think. The very things done to make markets safer, have, in fact, created a world that is far more dangerous.
When times are good, investors tend to forget about risk and focus on opportunity. When times are bad, investors tend to forget about opportunity and focus on risk.
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