Growth Factor ETF (opposite of VFVA)

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Growth Factor ETF (opposite of VFVA)

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a growth factor ETF? I am basically looking for the opposite of VFVA (vanguard value factor ETF - this one has about the highest value loading you can find). I am looking for something to pair with it for rotation trades/overweight/underweight exposure trades.

Currently can find a better option than MGK (w/ IWY as TLH partner), but if anyone actually has ETF details with factor loadings I would be interested in the info.
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Re: Growth Factor ETF (opposite of VFVA)

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PLAT has a P/E of 143.5 :twisted:

Here's a link with growth ETFs sorted by P/E. Enjoy!
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Re: Growth Factor ETF (opposite of VFVA)

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Growth isn't a factor, but momentum tends to be negatively correlated. You might try MTUM. Of course, both have around a 1 beta loading so the ETFs themselves are fairly correlated.
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