Non-Equity Portion of Retiree Portfolio ?

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Non-Equity Portion of Retiree Portfolio ?

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We are 60 and retired and have "enough" and are using "50/50 allocation." Planning to drop down to 40/60 over the next 10 years then evaluate allocation going forward.

For the non-equity portion (which is 50% of the total portfolio) we are generally ...
1/3 money market, CD Ladder, Ibonds, short term bond fund, and floating rate fund
1/3 BND
1/3 TIPS

Cash flow, taxes, and placement of assets are not material issues.

Does the non-equity portion make sense? Doing an annual review and thought I'd touch base to obtain insights from here. Thanks.
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Re: Non-Equity Portion of Retiree Portfolio ?

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No problems that I see.
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Re: Non-Equity Portion of Retiree Portfolio ?

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I am retired and do something similar, only more equities than fixed income. Also put some of the TIPS in Vanguard's short term TIPS mutual fund. I also avoid much in long term bonds, as interest rates are pretty low now and I am taking my risk in equity portion and not not in the fixed income percentage.
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