Google Sheets No Longer Pulling Money Market Fund Info

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Google Sheets No Longer Pulling Money Market Fund Info

Post by GreatOdinsRaven » Fri Oct 11, 2019 9:37 pm

I use Google Sheets to follow my portfolio and it scrapes the Morningstar page to pull mutual fund prices. It stopped working for my Vanguard money market funds, but still works for my ETFs and non-money market mutual funds.

Would anyone be able to help me out and show me what's broken in my formula?

Formula that previously worked:

Code: Select all

=Shares!$E$23*(INDEX(SPLIT(INDEX(importHTML(CONCATENATE("", "VMMXX"), "table", 1),1,1), " "), 1, 2))
Where Shares!$E$23 = the cell listing the number of shares owned.

I also use this formula to pull the expense ratio and that formula is also newly broken.

I had been using the following formula for the ER:

Code: Select all

=INDEX(SPLIT(INDEX(importHTML(CONCATENATE("", C23), "table", 1),1,13), " "), 1, 2)*100
Any suggestions on how to fix this second formula so that it pulls the expense ratio once again?

I used to pull both data points off the Vanguard site, but those formulae failed a while ago, pushing me to use M*.

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Re: Google Sheets No Longer Pulling Money Market Fund Info

Post by moshe » Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:24 am

This works:

This doesn't:

so it looks like a M* problem.

Try this:
=VALUE(Right((Index(ImportHtml(CONCATENATE(" ... ttype=Fund"), "table"),3,1)),6))
where $A53 is VMMXX or any other mutual fund. ... ttype=Fund

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