Anybody transfer from HSA Authority to Fidelity?

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Anybody transfer from HSA Authority to Fidelity?

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Planning on transferring my HSA from HSA Authority/Old National Bank to Fidelity HSA. Ive scoured the giant Fidleity HsA thread here and have seen other HSA providers such as HSA Bank and TD Ameritrade transfer issues, such as ignoring transfer papaerwork and sitting on transfer funds for a month, but none regarding HSA Authority. Any advice is appreciated.
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Re: Anybody transfer from HSA Authority to Fidelity?

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I did one from what used to be Delta Trust HSA, then became Simmons HSA, also a bank. Fidelity verified the info when I was on the phone with them, then proceeded to mail paperwork to an address that was not the right one. So nothing happened until I complained to Fidelity. Then they called me, asked if I was Simmons Bank (never identifying themselves as Fidelity, but I Googled the number), and then hung up when I said no.

The next day I called Simmons Bank and asked for the manager of the main branch, and she said "they called me yesterday and I gave them the fax number. Fax came shortly thereafter, and someone is cutting the check now". Fidelity got the deposit a few days later.

Had Fidelity called the bank on day 1, they would have had the funds by day 5. Instead, it took close to a month.

So, I would CALL Fidelity and ask them to CALL the bank and get the proper contact info.
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