Exclusions from my Fidelity reimbursement guarantee

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Exclusions from my Fidelity reimbursement guarantee

Post by tadamsmar » Mon Oct 22, 2018 9:08 am

FYI. This is for my 401K with Fidelity. I am personally covered for malware and breach of security if I follow good practices, this apparently does not apply to my wife and any other third party.
What are examples of where I won't be covered?

If you grant authority to, or share your Fidelity account access credentials or information with, any persons or entities, their activity will be considered authorized by you. Losses of cash or securities transferred to outside accounts that are beneficially-owned by you are not covered by this Guarantee. Also not covered is any activity by an employer/plan administrator, financial intermediary, or any third-party who is authorized by you to access your data (or who received your data as a result of that access), or with whom you've shared your username, password, or account number; or from malware or a breach of security that affects the systems of any of those parties.

What assets may not be covered?

Assets including certain annuities and insurance products, Fidelity Advisor Fund accounts, Fidelity Destiny Plans, and Fidelity Advisor 529 accounts are not covered because they are held away from or maintained by someone other than Fidelity.
They also have a 30 day requirement for checking account statements:
You must frequently check your account information and promptly review correspondence, account statements, and confirmations as they are made available to you, but no later than 30 days after that information is posted to your account or delivered to you.

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