Strategies for maximizing PA state retirement system options

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Strategies for maximizing PA state retirement system options

Post by Pennstateclj1 » Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:34 am


I know there are some social security gurus on the boards, so I am wondering if there are any PA state retirement gurus on the board that can help me understand the options available and how best to maximize them? I have a high earner friend that may be able to maximize the 403b and 457b, and I also had questions if they are able to contribute after-tax (not Roth) dollars above the normal contributions limits to start the "mega-backdoor Roth bucket." And if they use both of these can they also contribute to the defined benefit plan?

Anyone know of such a person on the boards or can steer me to a resource if you've come across one in your internet travels outlining this topic and best ways to maximize all tax-advantaged space available to employee of the state or university?


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