USAlliance CU CD holders bump up offered

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USAlliance CU CD holders bump up offered

Post by EvelynTroy » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:51 am

An email was received this a.m. with the following offer: USAlliance "VIP members" are being offered a 25 basis point rate bump on longer-term CDs, including the 25- and 35-month products. That would make the rate 3.00% APY on the 35-month CD.
A poster on called the credit union and a member services rep said the email was genuine and the offer was good until the end of the month.

That said, I have a 36 mo. CD @2.25% that matures 8.29.2020 at USAlliance.
I was thinking of taking this bump up and get the 3.0% - but this rising interest rate environment perhaps better just to wait and be patient. By 2023 3% could be a pitence, who knows.
Any thoughts. Thanks.

PS - USALLIANCE has posted new CD rates as of 6.1.2018, Among other things: 1. 12-month CD is now 2.28% APY (up from 2.07%). 2. 25-month and 35-month CDs have been reintroduced, at 2.58% and 2.74% APY, respectively. 3. 9-month CD remains at 2.12% APY.
It is easy membership.

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