Markowitz - new volume(s)

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Markowitz - new volume(s)

Post by patrick013 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:31 pm

I think this is a general idea rather than something actionable
today as markets still seem very volatile, unpredictable, etc..

Reading about 2 new volumes by Markowitz coming concerning
Risk-Return Analysis a portfolio of large caps, iShare Small Cap fund,
and iShare Emerging Markets fund was mentioned, in an equal
portfolio allocation for each for an equities allocation. Sounds like
one of my better ideas for a strategic tilt going forward.

But then he picks 6 hurricane reconstruction stocks for the large cap
allocation. I'd think he'd at least start with Cisco. So I still need my
large cap index fund I think.

So the father of modern portfolio theory is now 90, teaches,
has about a dozen clients, and his current equity allocation
not very diversified.

Article in Barron's if subscribed.
age in bonds, buy-and-hold, 10 year business cycle

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