Mutual Fund Investment Stewardship

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Mutual Fund Investment Stewardship

Post by JoMoney » Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:24 pm

I was watching the recent videos with Mr.Bogle, and in one of them ( ... nance.html ) he mentions a "10 page book" Vanguard came out with recently. I went to try and find this "book" but stumbled onto this site
and this "Investment Stewardship 2017 Annual Report" ... report.pdf

I don't know if this is the document Mr.Bogle is referring to (it's more than 10 pages), but I found it interesting and wanted to point it out to anyone who hasn't seen it, and solicit others if they might know the document/book Mr.Bogle is referring to in the video.

I applaud the efforts Mr.Bogle, Vanguard, and others have made in this area.
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