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New Developments in LT Asset Management - Merton in London

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:49 pm
by bobcat2
New Developments in Long-Term Asset Management - Robert Merton

-Set goals
-Maximize probability of hitting your goal
-Use all risk management techniques - hedge, insure, & diversify
-You don't know what's risky, if you don't have a well defined goal
-Discussion of risk-free asset & surrogate risk-free asset
-Calculating reserve for surrogate risk-free asset tracking error
-Importance of funded ratio
-Maximize Sharpe ratio of risky assets
-Selfie bonds & financial melody

Link to presentation -

You need to concentrate and think fast, because Robert M thinks very fast. :happy
Remember, Merton on a bad morning forgets more about finance than you will ever know. :wink: So just try to pick up the melody, don't try to understand all the lyrics. :D