old tv show about Jesse Livermore

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old tv show about Jesse Livermore

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I was researching for quite some time the other day trying to find the tv show I saw the last 15 minutes of on a Friday night I think after Wall Street Week in the late 1990`s when a relative of Mr. Livermore`s was speaking about him and all I remember was that the woman said that Jesse Livermore could not make any money in the markets anymore as the rules have changed. Then this morning in an old newspaper clipping on the internet it was printed that Mr. Livermore said he had to quit trading due to the Roosevelt trading rules imposed. I think this was in the 1930`s. I tried to find out what those rules were but to no avail and I could only guess like maybe an uptick rule for short selling and others. I did read about not trading with enemies of the U.S. Is there anyone out there that could find that tv show and also that knows what the Rooevelt trading rules consist of ?
Mr. Livermore was reported to makeing $ 100,000,000 shorting in a few days during the crash in 1929 and traded for 4 years afterward and gave it all back.
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Re: old tv show about Jesse Livermore

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Not a direct reply or answer to your questions but this thread might be worth your perusal. viewtopic.php?t=169638 I've read BOS public libraries series of the above literature a time or two, and more, as well as the www's translation, and more. I'm still not fully aware of the "real story" but a lot of good info though.
Livermore's character is actually acknowledged to have financed a number of Roosevelt's worldwide hunting safaris and such, they were known amigos back then (Roosevelt's era)! Good luck!
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Re: old tv show about Jesse Livermore

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Perhaps this is what you're looking for (a documentary on the Great Depression, link below the quote):
Instead it was the rich who became became richer. Jesse Livermore, a Wall Street insider, drove around town in one of six yellow Rolls Royces. His daughter-in-law describes his two yachts, private railway car and five homes, including an apartment on Fifth Avenue he bought to have a place where he could change clothes for the theater.

You can also read his tale for yourself at any of these links:
https://archive.org/details/JesseLiverm ... ckOperator
http://www.oracletraders.com.au/Edwin_L ... tor-EN.pdf
https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q ... gQ&cad=rja

I found the book interesting, but as you say he lost it all at one point. As luck would have it, because he was able to convince others to lend him money, he started all over again.

As for what trading rules changed, I can't say.
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Re: old tv show about Jesse Livermore

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Jesse Livermore lived fast. He speculated wildly, went bankrupt three times, was married three times, and killed himself with a gun at age 63. He left an estate worth $5 million in 1940. Definitely not the Boglehead type!
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