Over what time period should stocks NOT lose money

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Re: Over what time period should stocks NOT lose money

Post by Clive » Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:25 pm

dharrythomas wrote:I don't think there is any timeline where anything is safe. People are incredibly bad at forecasting.

Around the world, just in the 19-somethings, without trying to be all inclusive:
Private property was confiscated in Russia, China, Eastern Europe, Cuba--foreign investment was nationalized and that was just the communists, other governments have done the same
Hyperinflation in Germany and other countries after WWI
Swiss Banks holding Jewish investments, stolen Jewish art
Of course nothing like those things could ever happen in the US (read: it's different this time :oops:

and of course 1933, Executive Order 6102 ... compulsory purchase of gold to then fix the convertibility price some 70% higher.

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