60:40 is dead: Charles Sizemore

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Re: 60:40 is dead: Charles Sizemore

Post by Kevin K » Fri Jun 17, 2016 3:44 pm

juanovo wrote:"Let’s stop and ask an obvious question: If it’s good for trustees of Harvard, would it not also be good for you?"
How about because I don't have the dedicated staff to trade on a daily basis my individualized allocation to alternative investments, the ability to do so tax free, huge source of donations to replace my losses, and an infinite timeline to manage my investment like the trustees if Harvard do.

"Let's stop to ask an obvious question: if David Swensen the manager of Yale's endowment doesn't believe that individuals should invest like his endowment does, why would you trust someone who does?"
It's hard to choose given the plethora of fabulous responses here, but for me it's between this quote and the the 70:30 "haiku" for best of the best. I am so often in awe at the collective wit and wisdom on display in these forums, and you folks have certainly reduced Mr. Sizemore to much more appropriate dimensions. Thanks!

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Re: 60:40 is dead: Charles Sizemore

Post by Lobster » Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:32 pm

chx wrote:
Toons wrote:60/40 is Dead.
I feel better.
I will be ok then.
I am 70/30 :happy
This needs to be haikuized.
60/40 dead
ok, 70/30
I feel better now

edit: apparently I can't count syllables for numbers :shock: (fixed)
Submit to the relentless rules of humble arithmetic and avoid the tyranny of compounding costs.

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