Performance Historyof a hypothetical investment or portfolio

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Performance Historyof a hypothetical investment or portfolio

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I'm in middle moving my assets from JP Morgan to Vanguard according to my advisers at JP Morgan Vanguard underperformed and Chase outperformed. (Its simply not true)

He has some tools from Morning* to calculate it but he puts in the information in a way that works for him.

My question is where can i use the same tools? As far as i see Morning* doesn't give access to it only for advisers and so does vanguard. Is there any alternative?

I'm just wondering how much i really lost out (It sounds like a lot).
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Re: Performance Historyof a hypothetical investment or portf

Post by robertalpert »

Can you give a few examples of chase funds and Vanguard funds that you have or are considering? (Fund name, symbol, expense ratio).

Typically, an unsavory advisor will compare with an inappropriate benchmark; short timeframes; hide important costs factors; transaction costs; frequently changing into one fund and out of another (churning).

Vanguard has a fund comparison utility where you compare up to five funds (side by side) from Vanguard and / or funds from other providers. What family of funds do you hold at JPmorgan?
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Re: Performance Historyof a hypothetical investment or portf

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Leaders, good morning/afternoon/evening

After reading the original post, an old internet company commercial came to my mind:

" I lost another client to Vanguard !!! "

Last investor switching from high-cost investment companies to the low-cost Vanguard Group please remember to turn the lights off.

Thanks for reading and have a Merry Christmas.
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Re: Performance Historyof a hypothetical investment or portf

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You can access M* performance plots, graphs and data base for free. Just sign in or register and either get the quote screen or build you own portfolio with any of their tracking categories you would want. The largest determinant of performance is costs (fees). At you can go into historical and get prices for any equity you might want to check on any date. Pick your date points, build the M* portfolio... piece of cake.
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