Why do people care about the Dow?

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Re: Why do people care about the Dow?

Post by Archie Sinclair » Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:07 am

nisiprius wrote:Why doesn't the Blue Hills Weather Observatory use the metric system? It's not ignorance, nostalgia, or home bias. They do it for the same reason as they use antique-design weather instruments: total comparability and continuity in their long-term weather records is more valuable to them than having the "best" measurements.
The Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory is a working museum run by a private club of enthusiasts, not the nation's primary source of meteorological data.

The fact that faulty equipment has been producing the same kind of inaccuracies for a long time doesn't mean that we don't replace it. Instead, we use new technologies to produce more accurate results going forward. And we can actually study the faulty equipment to understand what the real results should have been in the past.

Specifically on the metric system, we know how to convert degrees Fahrenheit into decrees Celsius, even when the measurements were made a long time ago. Similarly, we can use data to create better stock indices to understand the past.

Like Blue Hill, the Dow should be a National Historic Landmark.

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