New Avantis ETFs

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New Avantis ETFs

Post by brademac »

Anyone have opinions on the new Avantis ETFs that will be launched in September?

Emerging Markets Value (.36% ER)
International Large Cap Value (.25% ER)
US Large Cap Value (.15% ER)
Real Estate (.17% ER)

I am interested in the emerging markets value one.

Going to be quite the battle between them and DFA for this active management value segment of the market…
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Re: New Avantis ETFs

Post by whodidntante »

Happy to see the EM value offering. And they'll probably do it right.
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Re: New Avantis ETFs

Post by YRT70 »

I only care for AVES, EM value. Will probably buy it when it's available in September.
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Re: New Avantis ETFs

Post by Nathan Drake »

Is the value story strong for EM over a generic EM index fund?
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Re: New Avantis ETFs

Post by Northern Flicker »

Just as with other markets, relative performance depends on start date. ... ion2_2=100 ... ion2_2=100

Volatility is higher, and that seems to be less dependent on start date.
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