M* interview with Jack Brennan

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M* interview with Jack Brennan

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Jack Brennan

Great interview with Jack Brennan.
Well, you see a whole another segment of the market, it's been created through places like Vanguard, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and few others that, had in many ways been traditional, do-it-yourself places and now offer a large and robust financial-advice programs at 25 to 30 basis points.
From Jack Brennan's "Straight Talk on Investing", page 23 "Living below your means is the ultimate financial strategy"
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Re: M* interview with Jack Brennan

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Good interview on "The Long View". Thanks for sharing :sharebeer
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Re: M* interview with Jack Brennan

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This was great. Thank you for posting. A couple comments that caught my ear.

1. Mr. Brennan likes low cost, low turnover, actively managed funds. According to him, these funds, in moderation, can give your portfolio a unique tilt.

2. He sees private equity playing a larger role in the portfolios of the average investor. He then said, however, that from the data he’s seen, most private equity returns can’t beat buy-and-hold indexing.

Any other take-aways from anyone?
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Re: M* interview with Jack Brennan

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“Set high expectations” ?
Then why does nobody answer the phones nor fix Portfolio Watch ?
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Re: M* interview with Jack Brennan

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Brennen's not in charge anymore.
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