Single ETF for International X-China

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Single ETF for International X-China

Post by sunrider6 »

Hopefully an easy question. Is there a single ETF that does total international (or potentially total world) but X-China/Hong Kong?

I'm basically looking for what the TSP-I fund is going to become by the end of the year and trying to see if I can further simplify my portfolio by consolidating and dropping one or two different funds.

For international I currently hold TSP I, but because I don't have enough space in TSP for all my bonds and International, I end up with some overflow and hold IDEV/EMXC and VEA/XCEM in more or less 75/25 ratios (two sets of funds for taxable and tax advantaged to avoid possible wash sales, I haven't need to do TLH yet to know what other pair in taxable would be).

I'm tracking several prior posts discussing the merits of excluding China, this focused on implementation.

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Re: Single ETF for International X-China

Post by assetmix »

I'm not aware of any one ETF that would fit the criteria, although given the apparent demand to exclude China, I can see a sponsor coming out with one in the next year or so.

The simplest approach would be to combine an emerging markets ex China ETF with a World developed market ETF.
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