Fidelity's FNCMX vs OneQ

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Fidelity's FNCMX vs OneQ

Post by PottedPlant »

We currently have $700K in Fidelity's FNCMX NASDAQ tracker. All is in a tIRA. The expense ratio is 0.3%.
I see that Fidelity's OneQ has an expense ratio of 0.21%.
What are the pros and cons of switching from FNCMX to OneQ?
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Re: Fidelity's FNCMX vs OneQ

Post by 2pedals »

Probably very little difference in a tIRA other than the difference in expense ratios which is slightly better with the ETF. For me, it would become a personal preference to want to use a mutual or ETF (with a slightly better ER). In taxable I would definitely use the ETF. ... ion2_2=100
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