Where to invest in taxable account?

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Where to invest in taxable account?

Post by 100percentVFIAX »

Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice on where to invest a lump sum. At this point I have no large purchases on the horizon and will consider it as a supplement to retirement.

Please see my portfolio status below:

Debt: None

Age: 30

Tax Filing Status: single

Tax Rate: 24% Federal, 6% State

Age: 30

Desired Asset allocation: ??% stocks / ??% bonds
Desired International allocation: ??% of stocks

401k - already maxing
$168k - VFIAX (0.04%)

IRA - already maxing
$38k - VTSAX (0.04%)
$61k - VTWAX (0.10%)

HSA - already maxing
$12.5k - VTSAX (0.04%)
$4.8k - VWENX (0.16%)
$8k - Cash

$51k - VTSAX (0.04%)
$7.5k - VTWAX (0.10%)
$3.3k - VWITX (0.17%)
$30.2k - XOM
$40k - Cash to invest (see questions below)

100k ($40k lump sum to invest not included in this amount)


1. I am contributing an additional $40k lump sum to the taxable account and was considering parking it in VTSAX. In addition to this lump sum, I will be making regular monthly contributions (~$500-1000/mo). If not counting that US companies make money overseas, my international exposure is only about 8% of investments. Should I increase international exposure, increase bonds, or increase my VTSAX position?

2. If yes to increased international exposure, should I consider a different fund other than VTWAX to increase tax efficiency? (e.g. VTIAX)
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Re: Where to invest in taxable account?

Post by inverter »

Welcome to Bogleheads! I am 27 years old an in a similar financial position as you.

If I were you, I would dollar cost average your investment over the rest of the year (unless you feel comfortable lump summing -- I would not). I am 100% equities, but hold 25% international. As such, I'd recommend using VTIAX to get to 25%.
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