Review: Vanguard Personal Advisor

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Review: Vanguard Personal Advisor

Post by Fortune »

I have a meeting with Vanguard Personal Advisor (offered thru my employer) soon.
Can anyone pl help me how I can take maximum benefit out of this meeting.

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Re: Review: Vanguard Personal Advisor

Post by GmanJeff »

You'll likely be asked questions around your current investments, reliability of your income sources, other income, debt, long and short-term financial goals, timelines, and risk tolerance, so it would probably be helpful and more productive to have your answers ready.

If you have specific questions yourself around the nature of the services provided by PAS for investors with portfolios of your size, e.g., whether you'd benefit from a dedicated POC whenever you need help or have a question, how often you'll review your financial plan and situation with your advisor, PAS' rebalancing philosophy and frequency, whether you can receive assistance with tax loss harvesting, assistance with Medicare claiming strategies, how your portfolio's construction and ongoing composition will be informed by Vanguard's proprietary modeling, etc., you can raise those.

It would be prudent to inquire about fees, since you'll probably want to try to assess whether the potential exists to at least recoup the fees through total returns which may (or may not) be superior to those you expect you'd achieve without PAS assistance.
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Re: Review: Vanguard Personal Advisor

Post by GMT-8 »

In my experience, I had several conversations, and got a report of some 30 pages indicating what they would do for me. They did show how they would change the portfolio make-up, and what potential risk and rewards would be. I didn't like some of the recommendations, such as having so much international exposure, and they wanted to change my taxable investments which I wasn't ready for. Thus we parted ways. I didn't get the feeling that their plan had negotiable elements -- it seemed to be "This is what we will do for you" and take it or leave it.

That might not be correct, or it could vary for other circumstances. But I was coming to this with multiple millions, and the potential cost to me exceeded what I felt the value would be.

Also, they didn't appear to be in a position to help with tax questions or optimal strategies for withdrawals.

Good luck and enjoy the experience. If nothing else you get a detailed breakdown of today's thinking at Vanguard.

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